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Batik Petungkriyono : Pattern of Nature Lies On Batik

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

/ by Misterransel
Motif of Batik Petungkriyono
Pekalongan District is one district in Central Java. With the capital city is Kajen, it borders the Java Sea and Pekalongan City in the north, Batang District in the east, Banjarnegara District in the south, and Pemalang District in the west.

Pekalongan is exacly on the pantura street which connecting Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya. The intercity public transportation that reaches the district is served by buses and trains (in Pekalongan City). In the northern part of Pekalongan District is a lowland, while in the southern part is the mountains that are part of the Dieng Plateau. The major rivers flowing between them are Sragi River and Sengkarang River and its tributaries, all of which boils down to the Java Sea.

Kajen, the capital city of Pekalongan District is located in the center of the district about 25 km south of Pekalongan City. Pekalongan District consists of 19 sub-districts, which are further divided into 270 villages and 13 urban villages. While the central government is in Kajen District.

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Map Pekalongan District
(Credit to Google)


Batik Petungkriyono used by models

Batik Pekalongan in accordance with its name is one type of batik made by the people of Pekalongan. The majority of Batik Pekalongan craftsmen live in the northern coastal areas of Java Island. This is what makes Pekalongan batik commonly also called “Batik Pesisir”.

Historical of Batik Pekalongan notes that the cultural factors and the surrounding community that is always changing and imitating each other to create creativity of craftsmen Batik Pekalongan to always make newest Pekalongan Batik motif. And just only my opinion, the development of batik itself that tends to be free in motif but still refers to the role of batik. 

Batik Pekalongan become more grew and thrive up after the Dutch Batik Entrepreneur named Elliza Van Zuylen build workshop in coastal area of Pekalongan. Based on the refferals Van Zuylen the new Batik Pekalongan motif also successfully created specifically create new batik motifs for sale to her. Elliza Van Zuylen also one person who had a major role on the emergence of new patterns of batik motif Europe, Van Zuylen's own popularity in Europe in the period between 1923 until the end of 1946.

The city of Batik ofcourse in Pekalongan, because in Pekalongan we can found so many batik craftsmen and batik bussinessman. Batik pekalongan is so famous and have a big potentials. Batik also the only thing that sustain the economic citizen. The most distinctive features of Pekalongan Batik are color and unique that make it famous throughout the archipelago. The batik production is exported around the world like American countries, Australia, Japan, Korea, Middle East and other countries. Batik Pekalongan in a coastal batik similarly same think with Indramayu coastal batik which called Paoman, which so colourful and usually more naturalist. Batik Pekalongan also get so many influenced from Tiongkok and Netherlands immigrants in the past.

Althrough the characteristics of Batik Pekalongan is similar with Batik Yogya or Batik Solo, Batik Pekalongan so interesting because was modified with attractive color variations. Sometimes it is often found that Pekalongan Batik have more 7 colors with a dynamic combination. For example Jlamprang Batik, the popular motif Batik in Pekalongan which was immortalized be one name of street in Pekalongan. 



Motif of Batik Petungkriyono

Petungkriyono is the name of one sub-districts in Pekalongan District, located in the south and bordering with Banjarnegara District. This area itself is part of the Dieng Plateau, which is still natural and beautiful. Petungkriyono has an area almost 7,358 hectares and an altitude of 500 - 2100 Mdpl, with the lanscape of river, waterfalls and mountains. Entering the areas of Petungkriyono, we can saw mountainous landscape with dense green forest. In some location there is also a fresh water on the river flow, along the valleys and waterfalls pouring out of the cliffs hills, make more beautiful places.

The beautifuly area in Petungkriyono make batik bussinessman Failasuf pouring creative ideas to make batik and then given the name Batik Petungkriyono.

Maybe you are familiar with Batik Solo, Batik Jogja, Batik Cirebon, or Batik Banyumas. Therefore, these Javanese batik motifs are ancestral cultural heritage that holds much history and philosophy. But along with the development of batik fabric in Indonesia, emerged a new type of batik motifs in Pekalongan District that is Batik Petungkriyono.

The emergence of Batik Petungkriyono is certainly more enliven the variety of motifs batik in Indonesia, especially in Pekalongan District. The emergence of Batik Petungkriyono is inspired by the natural beauty of Petungkriyono area that is identical with the forest landscape, mountains and waterfalls. Also inspired by endemic animals in that area the name is Owa Jawa. With the new motif Batik Petungkriyono is not only act as a cultural heritage, Batik Petungkriyono also be a nation's economic sector that can increase the income and labor of local citizens. Hopefully, the beauty of Petungkriyono expressed through this batik fabric can be accepted by the global community.

Unlike the motifs on Javanese Batik that has been there before, Batik Petungkriyono's motif has its own uniqueness. In fact, it seems this type can be a new belle to enrich the legacy of batik fabric in Indonesia. So worth mentioning as Batik Legenda Nusantara. Apparently, the beauty nature in Petungkriyono became the inspiration to make Batik Petungkriyono. Motifs drawn on the fabric are very characteristic of Pesona Petungkriyono's beauty such as mountains, waterfalls, and forest. This motif is much different from the Javanese Batik motif because the shape tends to be abstract. However, Batik Petungkriyono also has a million meaning behind it.

Batik is no longer a material that is only stored in the closet and only issued if it will be worn in special occasions. Ironically, there are some of Indonesian people who use batik fabric for blankets at bedtime. However, now many people hunt batik to wear as a fashion, both casual and for formal events. However, in Indonesia batik tend to be used for formal events because batik is one of the national clothing of Indonesia. In Java the average people use batik when attending weddings or other formal events.

Launching Batik Petungkriyono, The Legend of Batik Nusantara

Currently dressed batik is not like in ancient times who must follow the rules of use. Batik becomes more freer in created in any form. Batik can be used as a clothing that is used everyday or wherever to go. When we look at batik in the present then look at batik in the past, looks a lot of difference. The diversity includes the diversity of batik motifs that are increasingly growing, the diversity of batik colors increasingly more attractive colors, as well as the diversity of materials, techniques, and fashion design. The diversity of batik motifs are now not glued to the forms of motifs, isen, arrangement, and techniques as in classical batik.

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  2. I've just known this kind of batik.

    1. Yessss you're correct..
      this is newest motif in Pekalongan which the motif drawn on the fabric are very Pesona Petungkriyono's chareacteristic such as mountains, waterfalls, forest, and the animal wildlife.

  3. Sudahkah kamu membeli batik asli? Semoga batik tetap lestari

    1. malah kepikiran pengen buat kulakan batik kok kak..
      melestarikan keunikan budaya setempat..

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      gambar sejuta makna.. he5x...

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  6. Asli baru tau batik ini, sepanjang tau hanya batik Pekalongan aja. Wih jadi pengin koleksi batik ini, tapi pengin ke sana dulu lihat langsung sentra batiknya ^^

    Kereen mas Yosh!


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