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Penghusada, The Excellency Profession

Kamis, 13 Juli 2017

/ by Misterransel
Sometimes, if exhausting and unrelenting routine work, only the therapist (penghusada) that the only ones who I am expected for his arrival. My hand, feet, and the head are the favorite points targeted by the therapist hand in restoring the body.

The existence of a negative judgment of individuals who do things outside rules (as often called massage ++), is the similar to other professions as well. It is not in all professions also possible unscrupulous? There are judges who sell the case, the police who become the litigants, lecturers who sell value to the students and also the entrepreneur who offers some money to win the tender, a doctor who only prioritizes prescription or drug selling rather than helping his patients.

Talk about the profession, our minds mostly focused on lecturers, doctors, businessmen, teachers, and etc. Yes, a job that is considered prestigious when viewed by people in general. A person who has expertise in a particular field and has mastered it professionally, he is regarded as a professional person in his field.

Not all jobs are considered professions. The profession really needs expertise. Have you ever seen a clown who was "in action" in front of child? Their action is certainly very funny. The profession being a clown is a unique profession. Well, in Indonesia many professions are unique and sometimes underestimated. But the profession is noble. As an example of a profession that is considered one eye, but actually very noble.

Septic Tank Sucker
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You will often see ads Septic Tank Sucker on the roadside or taped on the tree. Indeed, this work is labeled "disgusting", but very useful and sought after. How not, when the toilet is clogged, you must find this toilet service. This work is noble because it helps with home problems that we often encounter.

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During until this time we know the makeup that they usually make makeup on certain occasions, such as marriage ceremony as a wedding ceremony, birthday or event modeling. How about a Mortician? This profession is somewhat rare among the public because not many people able to do this job. The Mortician usually required by people of certain ethnic or religious backgrounds. So this job requires special skills, but it also requires strong mental persuasion.

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The porter is the person who helps the climber brings their heavy luggage. You can imagine the job is certainly very heavy. The Porter is carrying heavy items while walking up in the mountain. Of course this work is very noble because it helps others.

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Next, let's examine a different profession. One profession that is sometimes quite inviting concern is scavengers. Yet it is clear that the profession is noble, in terms of its role in our environment. Its existence is similar to the bacteria decomposers in the universe. Without the scavengers, it is hard to imagine that the government can treat its waste alone. The aggravation of the loss of clothes man, or sandals and other items as it enters the scavenger sack becomes a generalization of the assessment of the profession. Obviously, not all scavengers justify all sorts of ways.

Back to the therapist (penghusada) profession, the therapist's work has personal integrity, reliability, open-mindedness and loyalty related to consumer health and professional fields. Therapist work is an approach to all consumers that respect and pay attention to the situation of each consumer health.

A man penghusada from Klaten-Central Java who ever 'handles me' in Nakamura Holistic Therapy admits that he does not want to promote the job in his village. More because of the community's skewed assessment of the massage profession, as a low-class job. Of course I am feels upset, I am sorry to hear it. Expect more days, education about massage began to shift and occupy the portion that should be. Sometimes the success and greatness of a person is just a human point of view. Who's the appraiser, and who's rated. The Javanese proverb is still valid 'sawang-sinawang', the neighbor's grass looks greener.

Meanwhile, one of the penghusada who is also the first student of Gus Minging in Nakamura Holistic Therapy and she’s named Safitri Retno Wulan shared his 13 years of experience in this profession. Starting from a therapist, Wulan tells her pride to join Nakamura Holistic Therapy to help heal the community through her therapeutic methods. Not only as a therapist, through the skills and competence that the better, Wulan is also known as a teacher and examiner in the profession penghusada until today.

The other penghusada gift some opinion if the feel happy be a penghusada because they can going travelling to Bangkok Thailand, getting lots of experience and science for mental development, can buy their own motorcycle, renovate their house and pension fund for future.

So, the conclusion is to be a dignified and noble human, not necessarily a doctor, lawyer, judge, lecturer, police, etc. There is no worthy appreciation other than raising its degree as a human being in the presence of neighbor and The Lord, for those who do the task with the heart with the highest mission of devotion to Him. It did not matter that they was a masseur, scavenger and hundreds of other professions.

The writing is a bit one of my efforts to show interesting facts about the therapist. That never underestimates, because the profession of the therapists is a noble profession. Where he lives independently with earn salary a month maybe more bigger than salary of manager in a company.

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