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Solo Pluffy : A Newest Favorite Cake Could You Totally Hooked

Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

/ by Misterransel
Heyyy hello guys!!

So, I just found my new favorite cake and I’m going to review it right here right now, it's Solo Pluffy by Jessica Mila. Yup I think it's the first fluffy cake here at Solo Central Java. You totally should keep on reading because you won't regret it guys!!

At the first question, who is Jessica Mila?? And why Solo will be her target business??
Yes that might be inside in your mind ;)

Just to know Jessica Mila was born In Langsa Aceh on August 3, 1992. Her father is Javanese Solo citizen, and while her mother is Dutch-Manado. Jessica chose the solo city as her main product called Solo Pluffy because her wanted to make Solo Pluffy as a gift for her father and at the same time became a place to greet and stay in touch with her fans who coming from his father's hometown.

Then… I will not discuss about Jessica Mila but want to review her product. Ha..ha..ha…

As might you know, I'm not a big fan of cake. I rarely eat cake, even on my birthday. That's why my family don’t bother anymore buying me a birthday cake, because I never eat them. Ha..ha..ha…

But I have 2 favorite cakes before, Tiramisu and Cheese Cake. That’s only two cakes that exist in my mind until now. Well why I tell you this story? I tell you this story because it's important for you to know how tasty is this fluffy cake that makes me want to eat cakes all the time. Ha..ha..haa..

Then guys, Last night at the gathering and launch event product Solo Pluffy by Jessica Mila I got a chance.
Actually at first I was like kinda afraid to try since I'm afraid I might not like this cake, seriously. I'm not really like a try-food person, most of the time I always stay with the same menu, picky but I do loves a great food.

Then, lucky me, I got to try all three of Solo Pluffy cake variants!! Yes all three of them!!

Cheese, Chocolate and Green Tea!! So excited, especially when I saw Jessica Milla promote and also introduce Solo Pluffy cake by herself. OMG, it's so fluffy, the fluffiest cake I ever eat for sure!!! Plus it's always a freshly baked cake, so the taste is even better!

I like it from my first bite!!! It rarely happen for a cake, like seriously, I'm not exaggerating…

Ha..ha..ha… So from me first impression I guess you already know right how precious is this fluffy cake. But if you haven't, keep on reading guys, I'll show you all of the cakes one by one.


First let's see the box.

So, the box packaging is also cute with White and Pink colour. Solo Pluffy, on the packaging. I really like the cute packaging hehehe.

Three yummy fluffy cakes with three different colors, the yellow one is Cheese, brown one is Chocolate, and the green one is Green Tea!!

Can you see how fluffy the cake is??

Yes, the warm cake one is even more fluffy and way tastier. But when I kept them on the fridge and let them cold, it turns out even tastier for me! I like the cold cake, the cake turns like a creamy paste, but it's a cake. It taste super nice! Truthfully, I like it even better when it's a bit cold, kinda taste like an ice cream, melting in my mouth, yummmmm...

You can also warm in using microwave for 15-20sec if you want it hot, but I like it a bit cold. Like I said yummm....

My favorite is cheese and chocolate, green tea is also nice. Other than the fluffiness, I love how the cake have the perfect amount of sweetness. Most of the time I can't really consume something that way too sweet, it makes me dizzy. But Solo Pluffy cakes, even the chocolate flavor ones, has a perfect amount of sweetness, not too sweet, just perfect. The cheese flavor has this nice taste too, the cheese amount is too, perfect. And the chocolate, taste like heaven! Green tea is also nice and quite perfect if you love green tea.

Rating 4.5/5

Totally gonna buy them!!
Love love and love...
You should totally try this cake, you won't regret it for sure.
You can get it at Solo Pluffy Ronggowarsito Street 145th, Timuran Banjarsari Solo Call 0271-637492
Say no more, you should definitely visit on their grand opening!!

Well, that's all my review for now and just so you know..
Me want the cake, the chocolate one and cheese cake one. Anyone????
Pretty please send it to my home hahahahha...


JL Ronggowarsito 145 Timuran Banjarsari Kota Surakarta
Telp : (0271) 637492
Website :
Instagram : solopluffy
Facebook : Solo Pluffy
Twitter : @solopluffy

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  1. Wuihhhh jaluk bro pluffy solo nya

  2. Mantap. Bisa jadi alternatif oleh-oleh selain yang sudah jadi legend di Solo

    1. Bisa jadi.. bisa jadi…
      Soal e enak sih mas…

  3. Greentea is the most my faaaaav! So delicious, indeed. Cannot wait to order once the outlet open

    1. yessss....
      3 days more u should bought all greentea..
      and please bring to my home 2 or 3.. wkwkwkwkwkwk

  4. the package is so cute, as my favorite color is pink, hihi.. i wanna taste the chocolate cake, "penisirin" with the taste. is it as yummy as you said, or not? wkwkwk...

    1. Don't worry sist..
      i'll treat u a slices of chocolate variant.
      (just only a slices..)

    2. ya ampun, just a slice? hambok a box sisan Maseeee...

  5. kalau transit di purwosari setidaknya ga jauh2 amat klo mau mesen pluffynya :D


Thanks for your positive comment..

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