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ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review Game laptop Business laptop Asus AMD ASUS AMD - Laptop for Everyone ASUS X555BP Laptop slim

Selasa, 23 Januari 2018

/ by Misterransel
ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
Blog Competition Asus AMD | Credit to

Hi hello,

On this occasion I will review about gaming and small business laptop that is ASUS X555BP. This laptop is one of the ASUS AMD - Laptop for Everyone series which launch at 2017 has a great specification of with an elegant appearance cover, and provided with 3 choices color that is Black, Silver, Red. And my favourite color ofcourse black, because black is elegant.

The combination of ultra thin with a screen size of a large portable, ASUS X555BP comes to delivering the best of both worlds for business and game users which can used to play the game and for business. The ASUS X555BP brings an iconic design, reliable performance, and long life battery. This system gave an elegant 15,6-inch screen in a 14-inch frame, advanced batteries and weights only 2,2 kg. Small business and game users will also appreciate the performance of this laptop is AMD Dual Core A9 9420 and numerous security systems.

Read it on to see if ASUS X555BP has everything you need to make the best game and small business laptop.

ASUS X555BP has a modern, minimalist design. Has a finishing on the cover made by adopting spun-line techniques or straight strokes that make it a bit rough when touched so it is not easy to leave fingerprints contaminate the laptop. This technique at once leaves a deep impression on the X555BP in the design beauty and elegance.

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
ASUS X555BP has a modern, minimalist design | Pic

Due to the interior design of the X555BP, the cover area is wrapped with a slightly doff black color and use of fine lines like hair that gives an eccentric impression on the device. In addition to gray brushed metal ASUS logo, matte metallic black lid bare. The keyboard style rubber keypad slightly delayed, while the screen is surrounded by a thin border, make ASUS X555BP is so impressive.

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
ASUS X555BP is so impressive  | Pic.

ASUS X555BP is determined by its slim profile. At 2,2 kilos (=4,45 pounds), is lighter than the competitors, such as a Toshiba Tecra R840 of 4,8 pounds and 4,6 pounds E420 Lenovo ThinkPad edge.

ASUS X555BP style keyboard generous amount of distance between the flat keys, which provided solid information. Who scored 50 words per minute in the entrance test Ten Thumbs with an error rate of one percent, which is comparable with our evaluation of a desktop keyboard. The fully-designed keyboard has full size, with upgraded chiclet keyboard with 1.6 mm design distance between key and optimization which makes the keyboard feel more solid and comfortable when typing. ASUS performs rigorous testing on this keyboard system, to ensure the keyboard on the X555BP Series is able to survive up to 10 million typing. List of IDR 5,6 million must be one.

Relatively large around 3.5 x 2.1 inch Touch Synaptics allowed us to navigate the desktop with ease. Gestures such as pinch to zoom, scroll with two fingers, and the rotation has worked well. Select and copy the text was a breeze, as it was the beginning and end of the slide with two fingers.

The two mouse buttons in the ASUS X555BP discrete was a bit soft, but still managed to be reactive. Although prefer the fingerprint scanner was placed somewhere in the palm of the hand and the mouse, we found discrete.

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
Interior ASUS X555BP | Pic.
ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
ASUS X555BP is so impressive | Pic.

After play streaming video for 15 minutes, the touchpad is measured moderate 28 until 35 degrees celcius, this condition that the heat produced is lower than temperature the human body, allowing you to type more comfortably even for a long time.

ASUS X555BP ultra thin have 15,6-inch screen in a 14-inch frame. Nicki Minaj a "Super Bass" video was a bright with vivid LED backlit. TFT LCD screen with LED backlight 15,6 inci and resolution 1366 x 768 pixel, Glare 60Hz Panel with 45% NTSC, make ASUS X555BP so splendid. When we saw the Three Musketeers trailer 1080p full screen on YouTube, red and gold wealth luxury exploded against the blue sky lens.

ASUS X555BP audio is best, while low Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" was not cool, it was possible and strong enough to fill a small room. A combination of hardware, software, and tuning process, Sonic Master is developed with a firm goal of providing you the best notebook with audio. The professional code ensures the accuracy of audio performance, optimized amplifiers provide you with greater volume, while the speakers and larger resonance spaces provide stronger audio output and deeper bass. Additional signal delivery processes help with hardware tuning, noise filtering, and enhanced audio clarity so you can enjoy the audio.

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
SonicMaster Technology ASUS X555BP - Credit to ASUS

Left side of the ASUS X555BP two USB 3.0 ports, a Kensington lock slot, power connector, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and VGA port. USB 2.0/eSATA port combination can be found on the right side, headphone jack, and card reader 5-in-1. USB3.0 gives you 10x speed from USB2.0, enables you to save photos, or transfers music and videos with large sizes in a short time. You can transfer movies with Blu-ray quality 25GB in 70 seconds.

ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
Left side ASUS X555BP | Pic.
ASUS X555BP Specification, Price and Review
Right side ASUS X555BP | Pic.

The ASUS X555BP has a Li-Polymer battery that has a battery life up to 2.5 times more stronger than a Li-Ion cylinder battery. Even after being recharged up to hundreds of times, this battery can still save up to 80% of original capacity.

With around IDR 5,6 million ASUS X555BP was equipped with a AMD Dual Core A9 9420 – Up to 3,6GHz, 4GB DDR4, HD 1TB, DVD-RW and windows 10. That is reasonable prices.

ProShield ASUS offers several levels of security for business users, including pre-boot authentication, registration of fingerprints and passwords for multiple users. We were impressed with all the intuitive process which took about 5 minutes.

Click the button above the file manager and applications InstantView keyboard, which allows instant access to frequently used documents, PDF files, images, information and export prospects - a useful feature. We also liked the Launch Manager, allowing us to run the utility from the site of application, file or Web page.

So, what are you waiting for ??
Visit the nearest computer store and grab it fast this ASUS X555BP.

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  2. this is hot notebook, i love gaming so much, maybe this notebook is the answer, besides is not expensive enough :D

  3. Terima kasih telah berpartisipasi dalam Blog Competition ASUS AMD – Laptop for Everyone. Good luck yaaa…

  4. Wah mantap ini Asus X555BP. Sori om, komen pakai bahasa indonesia, inyong nggak bisa bahasa inggris hehehe :D

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  6. Aku pake asus juga. Malah pengen banget ganti baru neh.

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