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Bakso Mblenger Make You Totaly Full

Jumat, 28 April 2017

/ by Misterransel

Meatballs or in Indonesian called Bakso become one of popular favorite foods in this country. The owners of warung bakso continue to innovate to modify the shape and the name. Similarly in Solo, so many delicious warung bakso in this city, one of which is Bakso Mblenger.

In this warung bakso, culinary lovers can feel different sensations, especially the name and unique shape. From various variants and menus provided, this Bakso Mblenger has a mainstay menu that is Bakso Mblenger and Bakso Beranak.

With the slogan “Makan Bakso dengan cara yang beda (Eating meatballs with different method)” actually is one of innovation development the owner to make and selling bakso with make hope the meatballs lover have a different sensation and curiosity.

If you can imagine, this should be eat meatballs a week made into one bullet so it could be so big. But that's the unique in this Warung Bakso Mblenger. For people who didn’t want to eat bakso in large portions, in Warung Bakso Mblenger also provide meatballs with the normal size there are Bakso Granat, Bakso Keju, Bakso Telur, Bakso Iga, Bakso Ceker and also Bakso Mangkok.

In my opinion, this is the biggest Bakso I've ever eaten in Solo. Has anyone ever eaten here and finished one portion alone? Or maybe you ever know where is the Warung Bakso that Bakso more bigger than Bakso Mblenger?

For the price is a guaranteed affordable, as it only starts the price of IDR 9k for one meatball package.

Are you still curious???
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  1. Ngeliat baso beranak nya bikin mblenger mas, hahaha

  2. @Helma
    bukan e biasane klo yang beranak2 gitu bikin nagih yaaa...


Thanks for your positive comment..

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