Friday, 28 April 2017

Bakso Mblenger Make You Totaly Full

Meatballs or in Indonesian called Bakso become one of popular favorite foods in this country. The owners of warung bakso continue to innovate to modify the shape and the name. Similarly in Solo, so many delicious warung bakso in this city, one of which is Bakso Mblenger.

In this warung bakso, culinary lovers can feel different sensations, especially the name and unique shape. From various variants and menus provided, this Bakso Mblenger has a mainstay menu that is Bakso Mblenger and Bakso Beranak.

With the slogan “Makan Bakso dengan cara yang beda (Eating meatballs with different method)” actually is one of innovation development the owner to make and selling bakso with make hope the meatballs lover have a different sensation and curiosity.

If you can imagine, this should be eat meatballs a week made into one bullet so it could be so big. But that's the unique in this Warung Bakso Mblenger. For people who didn’t want to eat bakso in large portions, in Warung Bakso Mblenger also provide meatballs with the normal size there are Bakso Granat, Bakso Keju, Bakso Telur, Bakso Iga, Bakso Ceker and also Bakso Mangkok.

In my opinion, this is the biggest Bakso I've ever eaten in Solo. Has anyone ever eaten here and finished one portion alone? Or maybe you ever know where is the Warung Bakso that Bakso more bigger than Bakso Mblenger?

For the price is a guaranteed affordable, as it only starts the price of IDR 9k for one meatball package.

Are you still curious???
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Liberica : Coffee, Food And Hangout .. It’s So Perfect..

Entering this place, the cozy atmosphere of is immediately felt. The attractive design is able to provide a pleasant atmosphere and can be enjoyed by the visitors. Dominated by black and wood materials, create an atmosphere make of a coffee shop directly visible. The area is divided into 2 parts, smoking area and a non-smoking area. There is also a terrace for visitors who want to enjoy the view city especially at the night.

On the right and left display shelf which includes a wide selection of wines and a variety of packaging coffee from several places in Indonesia. For coffee addict, wouldn’t be difficult to find a selection of coffee here to buy and take home.

Besides coffee, wine and tea, Liberica provide complete foods. And this is best food in Liberica :

Dip Crispy Chicken Wings
Dip Crispy Chicken Wings is a snack of chicken wings prepared with a typical recipe Liberica, soaked in a specia sauce of Liberica. Dip the Crispy Chicken Wings in Ranch Dressing and feel Liberica crispy chicken wings with tasteful sauce of Ranch Dressing.

Japanese Crispy Kara-Age
Japanese Crispy Kara-Age is one of the most Liberica’s appetizer, inspired from Tori No Kara-Age, which is deep-fried chicken nuggets. This food are great for appetizer, especially with the unique dip sauces, namely Wasabi Mayonnaise.

Pan Fried Salmon
Pan-Fried Salmon is a dish with a fried salmon on both sides with a little oil in a frying pan and served Garlic Butter and Potato Wedges and House Salad with Chinese Dressing.

Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki is the new variant of Teriyaki in Liberica. Salmon Teriyaki is one of three new salmon fish dishes in Liberica.

Nasi Campur Liberica
Nasi Campur Liberica consists of Balado Egg sauce Rica-Rica, Oreg Tempe, shredded chicken curry spice, seasoning shredded Semur, served with white rice and crackers onion. Nasi Campur Liberica is the newest Indonesian menu in LIberica, complements Ayam Goreng Sambal Hijau, Bebek Goreng Sambal Hijau and Sop Buntut.

Crispy Chicken Rosemary
Crispy Chicken Rosemary is the only main dish in Liberica cooked using the Sous-vide technique, the technique of cooking in Vacuum, which is boiled for several hours, so that the meat to be cooked and remain tender. After that, the chicken fried and served with herbs Rosemary and Coleslaw.

Chili Salt and Pepper Fish
Chili Salt & Pepper Fish is a piece of Dory fish fillet seasoned with crispy batter with added lemongrass for a savory flavor and scent. Served with rice, Chili Salt and Pepper Fish is an interpretation would Liberica Asian version of the Fish & Chips.

General Tso’s Chicken
General Tso's Chicken, is one of the famous Chinese Food in the United States. Fried chicken pieces with flour, then cooked with the sauce of Liberica.

Thailand Chicken Skewer
Thailand Chicken Skewer is satai baked chicken after chicken pieces soaked with a Thai sauce. Thailand Chicken Skewer served with Rice Pilaf, fried rice with peppers and onions, for taste and smell that aromatic, with special Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Aglio Olio Salmon
Aglio Olio (Garlic & Olive Oil), one of the bestselling Liberica menu, there are now new variants, namely with Salmon. Pasta menu which can be ordered with spaghetti or fettucine cooked in al-dente, then sautéed with olive oil, garlic, pepper and salmon.

Only in Liberica Coffee where Indonesian coffee production 100% genuine blended to produce exceptional coffee taste. With a cozy place makes visitors can can feeling peace and enjoy a 100% coffee.

Liberica .. Where great people hangout
Alila Liberica Solo: 0271-7461547
Liberica The Park Mall: 0271-7891276

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Brummmm.. Brummmm.. Test Ride All New Honda Scoopy

Astra motor as a maindealer Honda motorcycle in Central Java officially introduced All New Honda Scoopy to all Solo residents in Solo Square Mall (April  8th 2017). This retro scooter motor has a new styling, more unique, more fashionable and more modern, and also equipped primarily to embedding its advanced features comes with 3 variant with 8 colors.

All New Honda Scoopy comes with some excellent top class features. The electric meter with a new LCD panel featuring a speedometer and fuel indicator as well as new features that support ECO Indicator motorists to conserve the fuel. ”Anti –theft” alarm system is equipped with a back answer helping the driver to avoid theft and find a easy parking location.

This Retro motor is also embedded power charger contained in the console box can be used by driver to charge the phone battery. This model also apply the new 12 inch alloy wheels and new tire tubles who make lowest distance to the ground produces 3% higher (143mm) to provide comfort and safety of the rider.

To provide more choice to loyal consumers, All New Honda Scoopy presented in 8th variant on the theme Sporty, Stylish and Playful. The new variant Playful presented in accordance with the new stripe cute trends and bright colors, the colors namely Playful White Blue, Playful Cream an Playful White Green. Sporty variant is available in three colors there are Sporty White, Sporty Red and Sporty Black. While it is stylish variant is available in two colors namely Brown Stylish and Matte Black Stylish

All New Honda Scoopy priced at Rp 18.65 million (on the road) for Central Java Region.