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Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

/ by Misterransel
Olos, one name of culinary maybe did not familiar. But when you taste it, these snacks will surely make you addicted, especially for who like spicy so did create were not too fond of spicy.

Olos is one of the typical snacks from Tegal who made from aci flour / starch combined with wheat flour and stuffing. The original Olos or we can says classic version from Tegal and Brebes, Central Java, for stuffing usually use sauteed cabbage, onion and cayenne pepper slices. However in addition to containing the ingredients, now olos can make with a variety of other ingredients such as added vegetables, carrots, corned beef, sausage, meatloaf and etc.

Olos with hot spicy flavor made many people addicted to eat. Besides tempe mendoan, cireng and fried bananas, olos is super spicy savory snacks suitable to relax while drinking coffee and tea. For those of you who are fond of spicy, olos is a food that must be tested.

Olos spicy stuffing made from sliced cayenne chili. Often people who did not like spicy food feel surprised. It makes olos known as spicy Olos. Speaking about spicy Olos reminds me about the similar fried foods are popular until now and that is Tahu Gejrot, tahu mercon, seblak and some other spicy foods.

The original recipe olos from Tegal usually have a small round shape with stuffing in the middle similar with tahu bulat. However there are some traders olos make olos with different shapes. Of round, triangular and semi-circle and then folded like a fried pastel. Then for his sliced chili there are also traders who let the pepper intact for the mines to be split between spicy olos who not for children.

And now here was tips to make olos are good, the color is gorgeous look like fried olos from Tegal is easy. You just fry olos a moment, try not too long so that the outer olos skin is not hard. So when making dough olos, made thin not too thick that aims to quickly well done. The key fry olos to quickly ripe just fry olos until fluffy and floats, do not forget to rotate around for fried so that all parts exposed to oil and cooked through.

To find out spicy olos was ripe, you can just look leek and cabbage skin, if the color was brown or dry it's a sign ripe so quickly removed and drained. Do not fry olos too long because it can erupt as during frying know Tahu Aci Tegal which is known as know tahu Pletok.

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