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Padusan, A Self Purifying Ritual in Welcoming The Holy Ramadan

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Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

Padusan, The ritual some of people in Java before the month Ramadan where this tradition is backed by Sunnah/moslem rule, for exactly before entry the Ramadan is recommend to take a bath purify themselves from small or large filth before doing fasting in Ramadan.

Padusan comes from the basic word of “Adus” which means “take a bath”, got the prefix of “Pa” and the suffix “-an” and Padusan which literally means bathroom or baths.

Another example is “Padasan”. In Javanese term is a place of ablution usually made of Gentong or Tempayan which is given a hole for water to flow which in Javanese term name is mancur, mancur from Gentong or Tempayan is made to cleanse themselves from the small filth. The origin of the word Filth has the prefix of “Pa” and the suffix “-an” and the Padasan means a place of ablution to cleanse the body of the filth.

The padusan ritual before doing fasting of Ramadan is usually do at a certain place even though this padusan can be do in the bathroom in your own home, but generally padusan do in certain places which generally is a place of tourist places.
Actually there is no specific rule on how to do the Padusan. It is merely a tradition that lives in society and not an obligation to be do with the consequences of sin when it leaves it.

Padusan as a simple as the meaning of bath itself, bathing as usual as the other day. Every Moslem do a large bath, complete with shampooing bath from head to toe. The point is of course to eliminate and purify themselves from all kinds of large or small filth. How about a place to Padusan?

Because the basic of the padusan is a bath, so wherever humans can do a big bath, the padusan can be doing.
Padusan can be doing in the bathroom, pond, river, lake, even on seaside.

In the tradition of padusan which is passed down from generation to generation from the ancestors, there is no provision that the execution of padusan should be doing by many people at a place simultaneously. Each person has a bath like a bath on other days. The special thing that distinguishes only the intention of purifying to welcome the day the Holy of Ramadan.

Currently, the padusan gives the impression of bath by many people, men and women, in a place like pond, river, swimming pool, even on the seaside, is not really the main meaning of a padusan. Such a thing I think more to the efforts of certain business people to gain economic or business advantage by taking advantage of the momentum that event. Lots of examples sights or water parks that ran a lively event complete with a variety performance, such as traditional arts and dangdut.

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Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

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