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Valentine , Chocolate Fever And Epice Restaurant

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Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Every year Valentine’s day was celebrated all people in around the world, including Indonesia. Valentine celebrations can be doing in various ways like taking a spouse or loved one to enjoyed dinner at the best restaurant. Not only that, a small gift like flowers or chocolates have become a common sight. However, many of us follow a tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s day without knowing the real reason.

Why give chocolates on Valentine's?

Chocolate became a symbol of affection, charm, deep love, luxury, passion and sensuality. Chocolate increasing passion and spirit because it contains have endorphins. Eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are known to decrease levels of both stress and pain.

Chocolate comes from the tree "Theobroma Cacao", which is the Greek translation means "food of the gods". The people see the meaning of the message and realized that if chocolate is good for the gods, of course good also for couples. Chocolate also has a psychological and emotional effect on many people. Chocolate can be used to show a sincere apology, a sense of fun and happiness, passion, love, rekindle friendships and improve morale.

With all these benefits for humans and good taste, why not chocolate given to people or loved ones on Valentine's Day?

Currently, there are a lot of restaurants sells processed chocolate. Not only chocolate bars, but also regular chocolate can be transformed into a variety of delicious desserts and also unique. The One of them in Epice Restaurant Alila’s Hotel.

The hallmark of Alila is a combination of innovative design and luxurious and unique location, good place, hospitality and an unforgettable experience. Alila means "Kejutan" in Sanskrit, which is in accordance with our properties and reactions of guests upon disenfranchised with us. In support of government programs on environmentally friendly, Alila Hotels standard refers to "Earth Check", as well as integrating the elements of nature, physical and cultural environments.

An incredible experience I can viewed directly DESSERT SHOW Chocolate Fever by Cheff Rudy on Saturday, February 11, 2017 in Epice Restaurant in conjunction with Beffet Dinner "Spanish" Culinary Adventure. With a blend of romantic decor is beautiful, acoustic music and the waiters are ready to serve you and your partner will make the night to be perfect and special valentine.

To provide a great experience in this valentine, Cheff Rudy will invite visitors to participate and perform plating together and can be done by alone which then can be directly given to his partner as a gift.

Epice Restaurant
Lobby Floor Alila Hotel Solo
Jl. Slamet Riyadi 562, Jajar Laweyan, Surakarta, Central Java 57 144
Phone: (0271) 6770888


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Senin, 06 Februari 2017

Remembering the past is fun. Even if this craze in the past, such as snacks when we were kids. Well, in Blitar, East Java, there is a special food that has been known since the Dutch. Blitar and surrounding residents are very familiar with this one product, Ice Drop (ice drop, ice lolly) Parrot Bird Cap.

Ice Drop Cap Bird Parrot has become something of an icon for the city culinary Blitar. There are 6 flavors presented, namely green beans, chocolate, durian, vanilla (also called pudding), frambozen, and pineapple. This is a home business that made from natural and contains no preservatives. So you can bet when we enjoy dropwise delicacy, it is a purely non-fermented ingredients harmful to the body.

Businesses drop the ice began to stand in 1937. When it is located in the Chinatown area. Starting from the cigarette business of the same name, but due to lack of demand, the owners immediately changed course to the business of ice drop. When I started trading, they moved to Jl. No. orchids. 51 to now. Residential homes as well as serving as a factory. Today, the business is continued by the second and third generation. As the law of the founder of Sprott Puspawati Ice Drop Cap Bird Parrot, with her son Anton and Maria Sutanto Kristin (wife of Anton), work together to continue the pace of business.

Recipes that there is a legacy passed down from the first generation to the latest generation. Uniquely, the recipes are not listed in the media such as books or the other, but rather embedded in the brain alone.

Seasonal changes also affect the sale. During the wet season, sales are down. Especially when the workers have started a lot and when they buy an average home refrigerator, it also affects the sale.

The deliveryman was ready since morning. They mostly come from a village called village Balong. Average of nearly all its inhabitants into ice deliveryman drop since time immemorial and hereditary. The regulary that they came in the morning to take a flask, then came back later in the afternoon to pay a deposit. Depends on the number of flasks each. The average of four flasks were taken, the amount of ice is not the same. Sometimes people carry 30 38 seeds. They ride bicycles or motorcycles, followed by a ride public transportation to the area of marketing that they want.

The area includes the marketing and surrounding Blitar, Kediri, Tulungagung, Malang. In Surabaya also there, even sold at the restaurant. For those who directly come to the factory, can buy directly and not limited to the amount of the purchase. Buy one will do. Available styrofoam boxes if we want to buy in large quantities. Ice drop can last up to 12 hours.

The name of business, of course there are ups and downs. Similarly, the business of ice drop. Outsmart management by making ice cheaper. But in reality even unsold and eventually re-create the usual. Those dark days lasted about the late 80s, along with sales getting lonely and lack of interest.

The buyers more mature group, who have tasted the delights of ice drop during their childhood. As for the generation of children even less about their product. Perhaps because of its simple and less interest. If the regular antiquity also for weddings, is no more and just as souvenirs only.

The lack of desire to move and also stretched more due to business expansion avaibility raw materials are easily available. The manufacture of ice drop is then taken coconut milk coconut. In addition, the ease of the need for clear water is also vital. Cleanliness is evident from the well water test results to the local health department.

Tips to perpetuate the above efforts is to preserve and maintain a sense of kinship seistem. Thus, a trip Ice Drop Cap Bird Parrot crushed timeless era. Pinned great hopes on the next generation to stay afloat.

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