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1st Birthday Swiss-Belinn Hotel, New Menu in BaRelo Solo

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Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

What was your thinking if you want to choose a hotel ??

Yesssss you are right..

The facilities offered by a hotel such as the pool, of course become a consideration for you to chooce a hotel. No wonder that most of the hotels in Indonesia has a beautiful and interesting swimming pool. Swim become more spirit if the swimming pool are gorgeous, suitable as the object image.

Eittsss ...

It’s not about only swimming pool, cafĂ© bar and restaurant facilities became things to consider, such as the concrete examples in Swiss-Belinn Hotel who presenting BaRelo Solo.

Oke lah kalau begitu….

Your turn BaRelo Solo...

At this moment let me give a review about BaRelo Solo who was launched a new menu on 1st birthday Swiss-Belinn Hotel at December 15…


BaRelo Solo is a restaurant witch located on the 5th floor of Swiss-Belinn Hotel Saripetojo who have blend of traditional concepts and modern concepts. With a cozy atmosphere and the scenery did not disappoint certainly make Barelo Solo be excellent for residents of Solo's getting new culinary.

It’s true... Recommended places… And not disappoint…

For the menu’s in BaRelo Solo is complete, there is a traditional food, there are Asian Food, there is a definite Western Food with good price and very relatively affordable.

In his 1st birthday Swiss-Belinn Hotel Solo, BaRelo Solo which is also an integral part of the hotel also greeted him by launching a new menu.

The special sambal are Colo-Colo (Implementation from sweet soya sauce, tomatoes, limes, red onion)

That make special Iga Bakar BaRelo are Javanese Seasoning and of course shrimp paste sambal

Raisins, almonds and peppers you can find in Nasi Goreng BaRelo

Remembered only use Ribs. It make delicious..


Grab it fast dude….

BaRelo Solo
Hotel Swiss Bellin Saripetojo
Jl Slamet Riyadi 437 Solo Indonesia
Tell: 0271-7451111
Fax: 0271-7451112
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